Botanical Agency is our collaborative brainchild. It grew out of a shared interest in the social and spatial agenda of plants. As architects, we perceived a sense of alienation from plants in our projects. We delved into botanics and environmental humanities. We started investigating the ecological and social forces that influence the interplay between spatial design and the living world. Over time, our involvement in a wider range of design practices has transformed Botanical Agency into a space where we elaborate on selected projects and discuss our methods, questioning their economy of means and sustainability.

Here is an archive of a diverse array of our works : Creative direction, experimental design, exhibition design, environment design among others.

In these works we shape objects, spaces, situations, and environments through creative processes informed by research and material experimentation.

We rely on tangible visions, shareable media, physical or digital models, exhaustive surveys, elaborated in our mutual exchanges and interactions with commissioners and collaborators.

Simon de Dreuille ◑ Elena Seegers

Elena Seegers 
179 Corniche Kennedy
Marseille 31007

Simon de Dreuille 
76 rue de Ménilmontant
Paris 75020

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